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San Diego Chiropractor

Dr. Grant S. Foster: is one of two San Diego Chiropractors currently at the Foster Chiropractic Clinic was established in 1952 by Dr. Joe L. Foster. Before retiring in 1986 Dr. Joe passed the torch to his son, Dr. Grant S. Foster, a second generation Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Grant Foster was intrigued with everything about his father’s chiropractic career and knew he wanted to become a chiropractor just like his father by the time he was 10 years old. The passion he developed at an early age is still the same feeling he has for his profession today.  While taking his pre-chiropractic courses from 1978-1981, Dr. Foster worked as a chiropractor assistant to his father, Dr. Joe L. Foster.  After completing his pre-chiropractic requirements, Dr. Grant Foster attended the College of Chiropractic in Los Angeles, where he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic graduating with honors (Deans list – Magna Cum Laude) in 1984 with a 3.75 GPA.  During his last year at the College of Chiropractic he was an intern at the Whittier Health Center.  In 1985 Dr. Grant became Owner/Director of Foster Chiropractic Clinic in San Diego.  In 1992 Dr. Grant S. Foster received Diplomat status with the American Academy of Pain Management.  In 2001 he became a Q.M.E. (qualified medical examiner) for evaluated work related injuries.  Dr. Grant S. Foster actively attends a few seminars annually on a variety of subjects.  Some of his previous seminars he has attended include: Rehabilitation of Sport, Nutritional Management of Disease, Injuries/Trauma to Joints, Pediatric Chiropractic-Spinal Care for Children, Chiropractic Manipulative Technique, Advanced MRI and X-ray Interpretation, Worker’s Compensation/Disability Evaluation, and Golf/Lifting Biomechanics – Techniques to Avoid Injury.  Dr. Grant Foster has many years of experience for people seeking group and family chiropractic care in San Diego.

Professional Affiliations/Memberships
 California Chiropractic Association, San Diego County Chiropractic, Society National Chiropractic Research Foundation, Alumni Association – Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

San Diego Chiropractor

Matt Goenne: family chiropractor, Matthew Goenne, D.C. was born and raised in Orange County California, Matthew Goenne moved to San Diego California to attend San Diego State University for his undergraduate work. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at SDSU in 1995. He entered the corporate world but was soon inspired to become a chiropractor after his first chiropractic adjustment. Matt made this powerful choice after being treated for lower back pain, not only did the back pain disappear, but a long-time cough he had been suffering with was a thing of the past as well. It was at this point Matt made the choice to be a chiropractor in San Diego. Dr. Goenne attended Life Chiropractic West in Hayward CA from 1998 to 2001 and graduated Cum Laude with his Doctorate of Chiropractic. In 2001 he also became an Industrial Disability Examiner and received his License to practice as a chiropractor from the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. Matt Goenne is a welcome team member of the chiropractors on staff at the San Diego location.

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